The Dragon and the Whales

Once upon a time there was a dragon, who lived on an island in the middle of the ocean. But when her island comes under threat from pirates, she is forced to drop her precious jewelled egg into the deep ocean, entrusting it to the care of her friends, the whales. The fledgling grows up among the kind-hearted whales; but all dragons’ feelings come from the fire in their hearts, and because the baby dragon is born underwater, her fire cannot burn. She is swept by ocean currents into the depths of a blazing adventure to ignite her heart.

Using puppetry, poetry, music and visual storytelling, The Dragon and the Whales is about growing up, finding your fire and celebrating your differences.

"Rippling with charm and excitement... sure to bring a tear to the eye"

- The Herald

"The homemade creativity is ingenious... [The Dragon and the Whales] should fire many a young imagination"

- The Scotsman

History Of A Life, by Laurie Motherwell

Wife, mistress, mother, opportunist, friend.

The life of Roxana and her maid Amy is as scandalous an adventure as you could find. As Roxana traces the past through the echoes of her memory, you’ll find a morality tale like no other. Bringing Daniel Defoe’s surprisingly contemporary debates on marriage, wealth, sexuality and autonomy to the stage, this is a provocative re-telling of the journey of a woman and her maid as they grappled with the world and the choices they had to make.

History of a Life by Laurie Motherwell is an exciting new take on the 1724 novel Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress, or The History of a Life by Daniel Defoe. History of a Life, like the original novel, tells the story through the often fallible memory of its main character. It wittily questions truth and fact; celebrates women’s autonomy and ingenuity despite the challenges society throws in their path; and brings a nearly 300 year old tale smack bang into 21st century debates.

Supported by Creative Scotland.

Available for touring from 2019 - please contact us for details. 

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