The Dragon and the Whales

Once upon a time there was a dragon, who lived on an island in the middle of the ocean. But when her island comes under threat from pirates, she is forced to drop her precious jewelled egg into the deep ocean, entrusting it to the care of her friends, the whales. The fledgling grows up among the kind-hearted whales; but all dragons’ feelings come from the fire in their hearts, and because the baby dragon is born underwater, her fire cannot burn. She is swept by ocean currents into the depths of a blazing adventure to ignite her heart.

Using puppetry, poetry, music and visual storytelling, The Dragon and the Whales is about growing up, finding your fire and celebrating your differences.

"Rippling with charm and excitement... sure to bring a tear to the eye"

- The Herald

"The homemade creativity is ingenious... [The Dragon and the Whales] should fire many a young imagination"

- The Scotsman

Erin, Errol and the Earth Creatures

When Erin’s brother disappears she sets out on an adventure to find him. With a good pair of wellies, a curious wil ‘o’ the wisp as her guide and a sharp pair of ears, Erin soon meets some peculiar creatures and discovers that she is not the only one to have had something taken from her. Inspired by folk stories and our changing relationships with the earth, this is a tale of give and take, of the voices of the earth, and of the little girl who began to listen.


Erin, Errol and the Earth Creatures is a show for audiences aged 5+, which uses storytelling, puppetry and live music to engage with environmental topics, such as our overuse of resources and how we might find ways to live in balance with the earth. The show uses motifs from traditional folk stories, and takes inspiration from historical rural living and everyday craft skills, exploring how we might be able to learn from our ancestors in order to restore balance in today’s technological, industrial world.

"Four talented performers deliver this most crucial of messages in such a funny, clever way, it's impossible to ignore." ★★★★ The List

"The audience are kept intrigued from start to finish and hopefully will all take away a new outlook on looking after what will be left for future generations." Children's Theatre Review

"The water kelpie was awesome and the pixies were cute and funny. I wanted to take one home." Anna, age 8 - The Children's Choice Award

Atlas - Leith

Atlas was created for Hidden Door Festival 2018, which took place in the basement of the beautiful old Leith State Cinema.


The project explored people’s connections to the festival's surroundings in Leith, and their personal experiences, untold stories and hidden places there. In Atlas, we want to encourage the audience to reconsider the way we look at our physical surroundings, and see the stories that dwell there, nestled amongst the brickwork of the everyday.


For this project, we used people's real life stories from around Leith, using stories we gathered in person and online. We also used archive material from the Museum of Edinburgh and the Living Memory Association, interspersing historical accounts of everyday Leith with the contemporary ones we captured.

These stories were brought to life by sound designer Adam McCallum, and performed with with live visuals and shadow puppetry using an over-head projector. You can hear the audio from Atlas here.

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